monday morning.

July 12, 2010

fed my fish this morning, and was happy seeing them feed voraciously. starving them over the weekend was the right thing to do, cos finally they’d finished up all th ebits and pieces they refused to eat the wk before (they only like food tat’s floating). unfortunately, my plants were also consumed ovre the weekend. sigh. one of them is playing with the leaves now as i type. how cute.

rather dramatic weekend it was. eventful, what with hospital visits, a dramatic exit on friday, wedding and rushing out slideshows on sat, a slow leisurely lunch at Food for thought (pancakes sold out by the time we got there =0(( ) followed by blading (oohh how my thighs ache) and a scare (wat to do, who ask you to be so fragiley precious). it reminded me of what a (selfish) chicken i was, but perhaps after the initial worry and tears, the heart will be much better prepared and conditioned to accept things as they come.

heavy thoughts for a monday morning, but as walter said last night, ‘i may be a scientist, but sometimes i also rely on a little bit of faith.’


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