fleetingly so.

June 28, 2010

i’m bored.
and kinda restless. again.
dont know why but i just feel like i keep doing the same stuff over n over again.
life just goes by so quickly but sometimes there is this emptiness i cant find the reason for.
perhaps im not making full use of time.
perhaps the rush is over, and im itching to move along.
so fast? tat soon?
but u see, i dont know where or wat to move.
i fear being caught up in the rat race and the predictability of a normal life.
i yearn for something, much more, much deeper.
yet i dont honestly really know what.
i spend half the time working, nights out dancing, socialising, weekends resting, but it just doesnt feel quite enough, nor fulfilling. it feels so material, so superficial. like sometimes i think, wats the pt of drinking for eg? or watching movies? or resting? or meeting ppl? wats the pt of it all?
wonder if i’ve been looking thru the wrong window, or peering down a deadend.
quiet night, pensive thoughts.
penned down before they get drowned by the noise of the day.
retreating into the hermit’s shell, withdrawing from the world.
star light, sun shine.
how i wish upon you day and night.


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