what have you.

June 26, 2010

wat i’ve been up to
– conf the whole wk. dealing with interesting ppl ie the profs and speakers, as well as the pesky (code name Mr EFG, ask me if u wanna noe wat it stands for). i dun get why guys are lidat. cannot be frens first meh. make things so awkward, and i dont even feeeeel like talking or keeping in touch. bah.
– meeting with one of mayo clinic’s directors! totally awesome lady. fingers crossed that tatand sloan-kettering deals push thru.
– managed to lunch with w for the first time ever. twice. always been impossible by virtue of space and distance. beware of drippy chocolate sauces on donuts though.
– finally ended on fri! went to cut hair, then went home, sucked thumb accordingly. dabbled in grassroots stuff and some online shopping.
– and slept after getting cheated about the time. hmph. tink i duno issit!
– but got woken up early tihs morning by my 2 bosses cos we got featured on straits times, pg d8.
– checked out photos of our booth. *beams*
– no sense of relief tho, cos work for the next few mths has been lining up already.
– looking forward to our day off/out next wk!

badly need a break, there were some moments where i simply zoned out and felt burn-out lurking nearby. but new challenges ahead, new proj and new company to work on. i cant wait to go on our holiday!

speaking of which, i better start planning for conferences overseas too =0)

gosh im so tempted to go back to sleep. cept there is a huge pile of laundry waiting for me. ahhhh life.


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