for sunny reasons when it rains.

May 19, 2010

i got a shock earlier when i opened the office door cos the place was pitch dark. i’m the first to reach office! woohoo! accomplishment to add to cv!

last nite i was driving and listening to 987 when the DJs started talking abt 3 things tat made them smile and i jus realised i’d been neglecting my thank you lists!

so thank you to my wonderfully funny and supportive colleagues, thank you to my kind boss who has approved my leave tho i’m still on probation, thank you to my fags for the 65 emails in one thread, thank you to my flower&choc delivery man, thank you to my lifts home, thank you to cat for huggies and the cake in 2 wks time, thank you to my awesome supper-er cos laughing at summon uncles and sharing sample sized brownies just makes my day.

oh which reminds me, i forgot to tell my bf, tat in addition to being delivered flowers & chocs last nite, i got sent home after work by someone else. how nice these guys are hor. *blink blink*

and i tink its amazing i regurgitated the past few paragraphs to the exact words cos wordpress decided to hang on me and i had to retype this entire post. royal jelly for memory!


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