May 12, 2010

its been a while since i last visited alvernia. my first and last visit was about 27yrs ago.
i went back again yest, to visit my cousin, a tiny cloth swathed bundle topped with tons of hair and very nice brows.
its nice how babies evoke a warm tender feeling in you. how soft their skin feels, how fine their features are. and of cos the various expressions you try to coax outta them to no avail.
dont worry im not going all sappy and all that. just wanted to give thanks and remind myself how amazingly precious life is.
wanted to write more, be more expressive but kinda tired to do so. feeling a headache and another flu coming on which is a really bad idea.
swimming in the deep dark sea, fighting the waves to stay afloat, gulping salt water.
i have much on hand and yet havent been able to rise up to the occasion. i also kinda miss working in a team.

i am in desperate need of chocolates and hugs. sigh.


4 Responses to “”

  1. Mr E said

    and yet, no collection date has been set for your chocolates bought. tsk.

  2. cat said

    big big *HUGS*

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