May 9, 2010

it has been quite a week.
starting wk, starting stress, starting viral attack, u name it.
ive never had a viral attack this weird before, its almost as virulent as the HK one but the symptoms are so different. strangely, he’s got a milder version of it but mind you, prior to tat, we hardly had time to meet.
its left me with no appetite. i dont think i’ve had a meal in the past 3 days. much of it has landed in the sewers, drains & wat have you. its such a torture for a foodie like me to give up food and to shake my head in shock, disgust and vehemence when ppl ask me, ‘how? koi bubble tea?’ or ‘take the last abalone. very nice’. arghhh!!
i darent eat anymore than a quarter bowl of porridge. im SICK of porridge but i’ve no choice. and its taking me longer than the usual 2 days to recover.
haiyah irritating. i have deadlines to meet! things to script! brochures to draft! irritating professors to deal with! in the words of an infamous politician, ‘stupid besotted’ virus! go away!


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