borneo post 1.

April 29, 2010

Day 1: setting off from changi, pretty normal flight, had KFC dinner at the airport with the chicken rice. nothing thrilling. UNTIL we reached the hotel where it all happened. whole hotel blacked out!!! ppl were stuck in the lift for the longest time while we were checking in. omg. finally lights came on, we got to check in and were in the lift heading up to the 3rd floor, watching the numbers tick past floors 1,2 and finally 3 (ours) and the doors were slightly opened when….when.. the electricity tripped AGAIN. and we were stuck in the lift. omg. why lidat. and i wanted to pee so badly. but the hotel ppl were kind enuff to intercom us to ask us how many of us were inside, and to wait blah blah. having said tat, the hotel (cititel express) is not too bad. small n cosy, bit like the one i like in hk.

Day 2: Whitewater rafting.

woke at 6am for bfast and headed off for a really long journey towards the rapids. we climbed stairs cos we were worried haha. anyway was told we were doing level 3-4 insttead of the 1-2 tt i had in mind. analogy: 1-2 is like, gentle hand wash. 3-4 is machine wash/spin. there really was a rapid with tat name cos the current went ard in swirls. wth. so anyway. during the journey we met this cool dude who does iron mans and all sorts of cool stuff (he did a marathon up KINABALU ok. run up and down is no joke!) and we had to take this quaint lil train up where we got sneaks of how high/strong the waves really were. shit man i kept blinking and fervently wishing they were as gentle as the ones in brunei.

but apparently not. these were VICIOUS. and to make sure we could handle them, we were made to do a trial run in the water itself. ie, pushed us overboard and make sure we know how to float and body raft down until we could get rescued. every time we approached a rapid (nicely named cobra, honeycomb, and duno wat not la) i could feel my heart leap into my mouth. and i’d be crouching down really low, foot tucked in v v firmly and pray really really hard we wont capsize. many a time, i was saved by the ppl in front who blocked the full force, but still, i was thrown and swimming around, but inside the raft thankfully haha. but i mus say the operators (wave hunters) were pretty good, and thoughtful. cos they arranged for us to change jus b4 boarding and served lunch whilst everyone else was wet, shivery n hungry all the train journey down. but still, i was so sunburnt. ouch. finally checked into kinabalu pines at 1000m b4 preparing for our climb.

and kinabalu itself deserves its own dedicated entry.


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