of tarts & aircon.

April 8, 2010

u noe how i normally refuse to use air con to sleep? pure waste of electricity i tell u.

but wah, the freaking weather drove me nuts enough to switch both fan AND air con on, and instead of the grumpy, perspiring, irritable crab i was, i’ve morphed into a complete picture of bliss and calm. amazing.

was walking to tuition and saw this ang moh, both hands filled, 1 with a drink and 1 with a cup of ice cream. curiously, he bent down behind some bushes, and it looked like he was feeding some strays with his icecream (?!). so i inched closer, only to find out he set his drink n icecream down on the sidestep, so tat he could plunge into the creamy coldness of the icecream. 2 huge mouthfuls later, he stood up and marched off again with the drink and icecream in hand(s). was kinda funny cos tats prob wat i’d do too, esp if i were damn hungry!

talking abt food at this kinda hr is hazardous. its making my tummy rumble! oh oh and the kfc egg tarts are pretty good. not too sweet, not too eggy, not too buttery, but tender enough like how egg custards shld be, and a crust crispy and oily enough to deliver satisfaction. plus it was nicely hot! in fact, abit too hot for me tongue. if u wanna avoid tongue scalding, try leaving it out for a good 5-10min b4 enjoying that lil snack. better than madeleine’s imho!!


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