nonono.. i just really like flowers.

March 31, 2010

some of the pretty things i like to kickstart a pretty start to a pretty awesome weekend!

flowers in a suitcase! and outta wine glasses! ooh and the rich colours.

there’s something really refreshing (and screams Spring!) about the vibrant greens against crisp white.

i also like purple posies sitting in pretty cobalt jars. oh and those tiny dewdrops in the bg too.

white in white fridge! too cute!

haha now i know wat to do with all that baking equipment at home.

i love EVERYTHING in this series.

the yellows against blues, the caravan, the delish-looking cupcakes, the adorable flowers in their containers. major hearts.

ok i admit this is here not jus cos of the gorgeous white bunch but cos it (and the green of the stems) goes so well with her train.

i love love love the explosion of colours. the jewel tones, the haphazardness, the happiness!

lastly, no flowers but this is very me, me thinks.

my kind of shoe, my kind of shot, my kind of vibe. u think?

much thanks to Style Me Pretty & Ruffled


One Response to “nonono.. i just really like flowers.”

  1. cat said

    oh gosh.. everything’s so pretty!!!
    i especially luv the caravan’s tiffany blue color 😛
    and yes the last pic is very u..
    are u sure u didnt photoshop ur own feet & shoes in? hiakz.

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