March 17, 2010

busy baking day coming up, nice change i suppose to jus dreary writing and writing stuff day in day out.
i have all this time but yet i’m still kinda busy so its strange and yet not totally satisfying cos it makes me wonder how i managed all my time previously when working. am i just less efficient? or just that there are really alot more things tat i get to do cos they’d be brushed aside otherwise? perhaps, perhaps.
doesnt matter, really.
i think, when all this is done, wat i would really like, is a break from writing. from conceptualising, thinking, composing, editing. i’ve lost my interest in writing, where i used to seek solace in previously. i dont find it fun anymore to express my thoughts and ideas in word, i find it a chore. i dont like drafting and piecing things together anymore, its such a drag. i dont like editing and tweaking, and going thru my work over and over again and making changes, it makes me resent even putting those words down on paper. even emails are painful to write and preview. i hope this never happens to my blog tho i think, the day may come.


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