February 22, 2010

back, with a new 500 hdd. seems like its been forever since the last entry.

life’s regaining normalcy post cny/chingay,  it seemed time stood still those few days. 

much to blog abt, such as the exciting night at butter, complete with stretchers, puke, unresponsive people, phonecalls, instant friendship and mac bfast. chivas is evil.

then of cos, much to be said abt chingay, the most memorable being spotting and being spotted by 2B1G, and shoo-ing away an overzealous cameraman who stood so close to me i had to tell him to siam in hushed tones before i twirled with my gigantic cape and knocked him out. (did i mention the makeup with its 20layers of purple eyeshadow?) i do like performing you know. not drama, din quite like it. but it feels good to dance for an (appreciative) audience. the adrenaline, the interaction with the audience, the vibes. even the performers’ highs and lows. i’m feeling the low, how i’ve missed it. 

there was also numerous feasts, more extreme titillations and blowers, and tons of beautiful red roses sitting right in front of me as i type. and who can forget the nice $128 apple made me spend diagnosing my mac (how auspicious) and the AGONY they put me thru when they said i needed to spend another 580 upgrading to the 500, but they’d be nice and throw in free backing up. bah.

ive got gps on my phone now too! no more getting lost =0)) with much thanks to the one who took care of everyone (me included) last night at butter. saw my face (and cat’s too) on teebee earlier and totally went red with embarrassment. thankfully i din see my face during the finale, tho car was kind enuff to tell me she did. 

and i’m obviously not going in chronological order cos my brain is haphazardly functioning. it is afterall, monday once more.


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