springing into cleaning action.

February 10, 2010

there is a certain satisfaction in emptying out the closet, re-lining the shoe cabinet and altering 3 dresses, all in one morning. *beams* (oh and bebe was probably right when she said i have enough belts to stretch from my house to hers)

and these must be the best craft buys i’ve spent money on – instant tape for hems, spray glue and zots.

VERY VERY USEFUL. trust me. esp the instant tape. saved me a good 2hrs of manual stitching, and now i have a nicer (longer and colour-blocked) dress!

its only when u’re unemployed (and have lotsa time) and broke that you are driven to do thrifting (ie creative recycling) so it looks like you have a continuous stash of new clothes (or make cheap clothes fit better and look more expensive hehe).

now back to designing my pricelists. sigh.


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