and here we go again.

January 3, 2010

i think its funny how you can spend virtually 24/7 with someone for practically xxx no of days and yet still wake up the next morning missing him much.

the start to 2010 has been nothing short of amazing, thanks to wonderful people like del who managed to get us the world’s most awesome place to catch the fireworks, the very unexpectedly coincident meeting of cat thrice in three days, my ‘new’ clothes collection from my ‘supplier’ at marine drive and the Lims at sennet ave who did such a fantastic job at the lawn party. of cos, to someone, for waking up so early and sacrificing nua-time to get L7’s present done and help wash up after i was done with the cake (which failed miserably, the only flaw so far bahhh).

these shared moments, no matter how fleeting or simple, are blessings that make the jigsaw of life complete. more fun activities on the way!


One Response to “and here we go again.”

  1. wen said

    thanks for e sleep sacrifice P10! we loved the pressie! 🙂

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