December 19, 2009

I’m not exactly sure why i like langkawi.

its the 3rd visit to the same place, each with a very different feeling, each a story on its own.

the 1st visit was through the fresh lenses of a new explorer, with all the excitement in the world. i remember the laughs, the marvelling, but i also remember the sour note it ended on, much to my disappointment. that aside,i remember this place as a pretty nice place to visit, even asthe exact memories are but a blur, a very hazy distant past.

the 2nd trip here was a relief, the respite i needed, a hideaway to nurse some wounds. the memories are more vivid, naturally so, since it wasntthat long ago yi and i stepped foot here. it was calming, being with a confidante and with evryone else, every ounce of bitterness,jealousy, left far far behind. i still remember sitting with mich the night before at west coast macs (thank you =0p) and i remember all the talks yi and i had. i remember throwing up all my nasi kandar and yiyi takingcare of me (10q yiyijiejie). it was a good trip.

this one i’m on marks the 3rd time i’ve set foot in langkawi, and its been reflective, though not with the same heavy heartedness of the 2nd. bonton rocks btw, both restaurant and room. as i type, i hear the unexpected sounds of pink martini and Hang on Little Tomato. (how aptly quaint!) and a kitten has jumped on my lap, refusing to l;et me type til i scratch her. i tink a consolidated post on langkawi may soon be in order.

maybe its the magic of ths place. maybe its the lush greens covering the vast mountain ranges. maybe its the sapphire crystal waters of the Andaman. maybe its the diversely unique flora and fauna of the mangroves. maybe its the eagles who really swop down the padi fields to catch mice. maybe its the benign nature of everything and every creature around here. maybe its a buffer, cushioning everyone from reality. maybe, just maybe.

i just really really wish you were here too.


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