November 11, 2009

save for my skin, the rest of the day was pretty much as perfect as it can be.

allow me to rant a bit first. damn generic drugs! acnotin is half the price of roaccutane but causes thrice the woes! the clogs are back! screw it, i tink i rather be broke than to have bad ugly pimply skin. sigh.

ok enuff lamenting. so back to perfect.

today was prob as perfect as it could be.

traffic was awesome (we got seats all the way and din hafta wait much for the bus or mrt thanks to hw”s amazing traffic ability), timing was just right (luckily took one day leave instead of half), weather was great (tho the skies were threatening to pour), we managed to do/buy all that we wanted to, our presents looked awesome (like totally. check out fb when hw uploads the photos), our bfs were happy (they had the widest grins ever), and we even got nice table seats at ikoi despite being repeatedly told we could only get counter seats!

furthermore, the minor imperfections of the day just serve to contrast how perfect everyday is and can be.

and so i’m happie! but oh so dead tired now. planning surprises and making presents are honestly tiring, even tho its great fun (rewarding too to see such a wonderfully bright smile) and i tink i could do this every single day (i really like doing craft). makes me (sometimes) wonder why on earth i’m struggling to get my application essays done haha. ok i shall stop being an idiot and go and sleep away territorial thoughts!


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