November 9, 2009


yep, it IS that huge. (i’m oso somewhat displeased my hand looks so tanned. no more ecp training!)

i guess its not possible to ask for the sun to shine everyday but when sunflowers are so huge you can spot them from 314295835 miles away and given for absolutely no reason at all it does make it feel like the sun just warmed every corner of your heart with its light.

thank you to all my awesome conspirators, tao-geh growers and party surprisers! i can still vividly remember the surprise last yr but i tink this one takes the cake (literally). i finally got to experience first hand what w & c must have felt the night everyone trooped into aramsa to surprise them. and omg the video. u guys really made me tear. i was especially touched to see my family =0))

i wanted to write alot, seeing how my backlog has amassed. but somehow i tink happiness is a disaster for writing, for me at least =0p

cos now i’m jus floating atop clouds of fluffy whites, basking under everyone’s love, contented to be where i am right now.


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