Life’s a beach.

August 31, 2009

now that miss aw managed to upload the montage finally, this post deserves to see the light of day.

i have discovered:

  • its a breeze working with the right team of ppl.
  • nuf and i work v well tog! synergy! now we are worried who’s gonna do our own vids when we get married.
  • ethan has a treasure trove of picnic props. he is oso fascinated by kites
  • speaking of kites, there’s this awesome place near telok ayer tat has VERY NICE BIG kites selling at 6bucks or less. damn you daiso, for selling me tat pathetic one at 2 dollars!
  • sunblock is a must even if its (oftentimes ever so deceivingly) cloudly.
  • time and tide dont wait for anyone. i mean it very very literally. (and of cos metaphorically)
  • i cant function properly when i’m not in control of the situation cos it drives me nuts not knowing how things are progressing or how to hasten the process
  • i love duets at weddings. heck i love weddings!
  • we still dont know if car or tj is the more aggressive party.
  • dont quite plan much for things cos somehow things always turn out ok in the end, no matter how much or how detailed u planned for things to happen.

2 Responses to “Life’s a beach.”

  1. Car said

    YES! i also can’t function properly when I’m not in control of the situation, but tt’s how it is, sometimes you must let others surprise you with what they do! have faith!

    and erm… i won’t comment on the agressive party thing…

    thanks everyone!

  2. mystrappyshoes said

    hehe ya thanks for having faith in us =0)))
    aggessiveness.. well tats ethan’s fault =0p

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