August 29, 2009

yet another satisfyingly fun/interesting night.

worked til 9ish, headed to vapour trails, got lousily intoxicated by the wine, checked out zirca, injured my big toe, overturned a high stool, (hit a particular part of someone’s anatomy too? or was i dreaming??), watched threesomes ‘discover’ each other inside the dancing cages, discovered Rebel is almost like MOS and that the river side is a really pretty place to be at close to dawn cos there really isnt anyone else ard and the water is so still and mirroring the shimmering lights from all over.

right now, i’m severely sleep deprived cos my staff wants me to do some work, both parents have things for me to work on and i’ve got outstanding freelance thingys waiting for me. time to check out the new tatami my mother purchased. looks rather inviting.

a big sorry to the lims (all 3 of you) for waiting for us, much apologies!

also there is nothing quite as comforting as warm orange chiffon cake fresh out of your mummy’s kitchen.

and now i’m so sick n irritated with work and everyone i simply refuse to do anything anymore.


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