the one with everyone.

August 18, 2009


thanks to flapperdoodle

the point being, i’m such a sucker i’m still nice to everyone tho they wear my patience thin.

take my tuition parent for example. the one i was hem-ing and haw-ing about. after she’d hung up, i just had to stone for a couple of secs cos i’d mustered every ounce of energy to remain patient and calm whilst attending to her thousand and one requests u’d think i’m paid enormous sums of money. but noooooo, i’m merely paid a measly wage.

then it was another call from one of my staff. who, began from checking with me about work to her kid to bringing up kids to everything else but work. i dont mind talking but hearing someone go on incessantly and drifting further and further away from the original topic is… kinda tiring eh. and unlike calls from certain someones, i cant be curt or hang up.

i thank god for patience and singtel voice, which i tink, has so far managed to disguise all traces of negative vibes the receiving end would have otherwise felt over the phone.

i havent even started on the hum sup fella who looks for me everytime he comes into the spa.

life in every breath… and i’m hungry, which is good, cos tat means i didnt overeat. i nearly wanted to murder these 2 men who were tearing at their kfc crispies with much gusto right in front of me. bah. inconsiderate men!

anyways! the day is done, there’s tom to look towards.

and a very good night to you too, you really dont have to report to me you know? =0)


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