the offer.

August 14, 2009

Chicken: hey when you get married can i be the photog?

Chicken: dont worry i’ll practice

Me: haha i tink we’re plannin for something tat mite never happen

Chicken: well at least we have a plan..

and i’m writing this at 8pm on a friday nite because whoever’s supposed to be here for squash isnt here, probably wont get here and i feel like i’m totally wasting away a perfectly good evening.


3 Responses to “the offer.”

  1. JasK said

    hey sorry.. i was really very very tired.. this week has been a mad-rush and I was having trouble keeping my eyes open while teaching my kids.. n sat i hav an early tuition to give as well.. forgive me k.. n i didnt know i m the only one for squash.. sorry 😦

  2. JasK said

    phew.. gd to noe that 🙂 was feeling quite bad about it..

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