thankful reminders.

July 30, 2009

the day started with thanks to tt for pointing me the right direction out of the dilemna. i’d forgotten how easy things really are. (incidentally there really is literally a dilemna over  dilemna. well, its spelling anyway.)

also thanks to kj for walking me home last night fr vivo (he wanted to walk, i wanted to bus, end up he complain hot, win liao lor). kinda forgot how walking would soothe and quieten me. 

finally, thanks to g for constantly reminding me ‘no pressure!!’ tho i’m under tons of it. i definitely wont forget what i still owe.

thank you thank you thank you thank you. 


oh and a happie belated bdae kel! love this pic of you and jill. hope u were surprised enough =0)))P1070681


One Response to “thankful reminders.”

  1. yapyap said

    yes… I was… though I dropped the mango on the floor…. very suprised in fact! thanks!

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