et at yt

July 23, 2009

pre-friday conversation snippets

me: was tinking how to check movie timings
  then jas say check chinese papers
mabbe mr heng haf
  then i said
  ask mr heng to ask his dad to check since his dad is the chinese paper editor
 car: HAHAHA
  u want mr heng to get into trouble ah
  i know! check wanbao. those v sleazy de sure have
  me: hehehhehee
   i dun haf leh
  tts why ask mr heng’s dad best ma
  hahhahaa at SPH leh
  freshest source of news
 car: wah lau. scully is some dark dark de, then we dun watch ah?
 me: haha
  i dun tink all be dark dark la
  chinatown afterall
  at most we go brown lor
  i cannot believe we’re making an outing out of this
   and are like excited…
  me: neither can i
  i cant believe its such a big outing
  car: yes! everyone like enthusiastically say yes
  maybe everyone alr wanted to go but dun dare, then one big grp go tgt v fun so ok
  me: HAHA
  see la
  all of u
  tsk at least we were brave enuff to make a stand and decide =0p
    car: haha ok lor. so say liao let’s just go
  shd start w some ETs b4 tt
  me: har
  u want more ET before the et at yt??
  car: then again. high go in not gd.
  me: wah seh this is like as exciting as ur wedding
  car: i’m so sad this is as exciting as my wedding
 me: hehehehe
  kidding la!
  its a totally different level
  a more… titillating experience
  car: this is et mah hor
  me: ya ya! hahah! 
                    car: i’m thinking if et jokes are better or impregnation jokes

                          me: hehe

                         both are classic 
                          car: confirm
                              i heart the FAGs. we are waaaay cool

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