but thank you so.

July 14, 2009

i am honestly quite tired.

halfway thru the night safari the other night, started to sneeze violently and now its full blown flu + fever + sorethroat + bit of cough.

vid’s being made as i type, hope it works out good. one less thing to worry abt then. fingers crossed with much thanks to he who is working on it now!

still very burnt fr the sentosa sun, hurts even from normal t-shirt abrasion. never ever go sentosa without sunblock! much thanks to the crew, both crews actually, pre and actual.

stressed. damn parents. last night 1am got a msg fr a parent telling me wat topics to go thru, blah blah. 1am leh! wtf.

ah well.

shall jus take my panadol and be glad tat i get specially driven out to buy panadol when i’m sick, extra strong one somemore how nice.

be strong, my immunity!


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