somewhere only we know.

July 4, 2009

tons of animal activities this week, first with the pet farm visit, and today to be ACRES’ gardener. ok enclosure sweeper, no thanks to net. but interesting experience, and made me think alot about voluntary work and all tat whilst cleaning out the cages.

checked out this nice place the night before near nsrcc, tho we got horribly lost and nearly had to end up watching he-she-her-watevers at changi village. food wasnt too good but we really liked the ambience. taught koreans how to say jiak sai ah le, found out that knn was really gnn, got very spooked out at the wild oats toilet, and finally headed to mr bean where i finished both our desserts and then headed back to concuss briefly.

havent been able to sleep properly the past few nights for some reason. tons on the mind, stress building, deadlines looming. the 18th holds more than one significance. 4, in fact. 2 weddings, 1 birthday and 1 farewell.

i need to sleep. and i need to know, badly.


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