June 25, 2009

so depressing. Mr E and C have both told me to start losing weight before the wedding. macham my wedding lidat!

i guess i shld…. *sad*

anyways, the ppl at Arigin have been most lovely and accommodating towards my erratic studying squatting hours. thank you!

also, i had a very satisfying dinner thanks to bebe! veryyyy good fried chicken wings and my new fave koi oolong bubble tea 25% thank you very much. trivia: kfc original chicken has less fat (7g) and calories compared to bbq-ed wings (11g fat!) so god bless col sanders! kfc party soon! but of cos mus be after the weddings lor…since i already sinned with today’s wing.

tom got new tuition, the mother keeps calling and messaging to confirm and re confirm the timing. sigh. this does not bode well but nmind weekend is here and i’m looking forward to transformers!


2 Responses to “nightcap.”

  1. Car said

    erm babe, if u have to lose weight, then me how? dun care abt wat E and C says! stressed le… hahaha i went to try the dresses last week, all tight! (ok tt’s cos they altered it for someone smaller size i think and i hope)

    • mystrappyshoes said

      hehe i oso never really go and run or exercise the past mth liao. nmind, u already v pretty so its ok!

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