June 24, 2009


thanks to wanderlust

so someone asked why i havent been blogging, and the answer is simple! cos my life’s totally boring! and i’m so not angsty nowadays its great!

here’s wats been happening:

1) the big O has this nice pineapple turnover cake with rum raisin icecream. very nice i like :q

their fish in aluminium foil and pesto sauce thingy oso very nice. tenderly cooked.

2) MET LESLIE KWOK. as in omg he was sitting like at the next table diagonally opposite me. omg. so cute, and such good skin! ok we went to his spa actually, and i saw this guy, and said to ade, eh tat guy looks damn familiar. so we observed him abit and pieced things together worthy of sherlock holmes and true enough, it was the man himself!

3) my masseuse totally made my day. she was telling me abt her daughter and school and somehow we ended up on the topic of dance and i said i was learning ballet upon which she exclaimed, ‘nan guai!!! ni de yao na me xi, pi gu you na me qiao! wo hai xiang wen ni!

oh that plus the fact that she tot i was max 22 yrs old. lalalala~~

4) someone mistook my haivanas as spa slippers! so the staff had to go round searching for the errant flipflops which were on an extremely BLUR but apologetic lady. sigh.

5) my ex chinese tutor is setting me up with her son’s fren. this is after she said she’s gonna set me up with this cute doctor at her condo.  -_-

6) the ninewest at centrepoint is a sale shop. meaning, all the sale items go there. so go there to buy shoes! i mean, its damn cheap la. the enzo ones were going at 259 65 lor. damn good deal! but nothing i really liked. so sad.

7) i really do quite like going for ballet, but i wish wish wish the lessons were longer cos i wanna learn more!

8) lastly i’m just so delighted and proud of us today for accomplishing much! yay to us!


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