the lil ones.

June 22, 2009


thanks to yuyuart

had lunch with may and baby lukey today, and amongst other things, we talked abt how we thot we’d wanna bring up our kids (if ever i have la).

talked about how we, as children, didnt receive certain things from our parents, which we now, as adults, feel is essential to incorporate into our kids’ lives.

even tho we are our own person (and parent), nonetheless, we want the best for our progeny and its inevitable we begin comparing wat we got as kids and wat we can now do as parents.

i cant delve much on this topic, cos i’m no where near being a parent.

but for a start, my kid(s) will learn how to swim (confirm plus guarantee), and some music/dance, get hugs every night, bento sets for lunch, and ultimately be in a secure, loving environment where they grow up to be confident enough to face every onslaught of life, with the knowledge that they’re loved and  always have a home to go back to.

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