morning brevity.

June 17, 2009

you know the day aint gonna be a boring one when you eagerly anticipate the opening of OG like never before. (try to guess why this was so)

cant believe i fell asleep atop my phy text. *wince* much worse than falling asleep on my floor!

got abit bored of the old skin, dont exactly love this but it shall suffice til i find a host and a nice skin…..and find time to modify the sidebars.

ahh.. i totally ❤ green tea latte and spinach fritata mornings at starbucks ^^


2 Responses to “morning brevity.”

  1. ongyenn said

    This skin totally match the style of your dress that you wore the other day at TCC for ling’s bday. Remember the customize drink to clothe day? Hiak Hiak.

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