my monday’s magic moments.

June 16, 2009


(mymy: alliteration for the title!)

headed for tuition today, met an old man with his white cockatoo.

stopped and chatted with the old man while we watched the bird perch on one leg, the other clutching bits of green it was nibbling on.

and i was so delighted when it literally posed for me when i whipped out my camera, after which it resumed his nonchalant snacking.

so cute!

thanks to w & trippy for the kind words, and to mymy for her ‘overanalysing’ compliment ^^


One Response to “my monday’s magic moments.”

  1. Mr E said

    sigh, why cant i have the time to chat to random interesting strangers and engage in casual conversations? Other than engage in a heated argument as the only form of communication with random strangers now? pathetic me, i shall say…

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