June 4, 2009

so i was talking to c last night abt why i’m lidat before a holiday ie not interested, sian etc. and concluded it happened after tat particularly nasty trip to hk jus after that really bad breakup and since then, all trips remind me of that very dark period of life. cos since then, i dont feel particularly excited abt any holiday. ok save for hanoi,  tat was a real adventure.

but i oso tink tt its cos of the company i’m travelling with. travelling this way means i have to be on the alert majority of the time which is kinda tiring and very restrictive at the same time. nmind nmind, free so i shant complain.

this post is proudly brought to u by the extremely hightech airport which FINALLY has free internet which doesnt require a singtel or starhub log in. i guess its been quite some time since i last stepped into the terminal proper.


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