day 2.

May 28, 2009

today was really really nice. like really honestly very nice.

fussed abit after waking, checked work email (and was so glad to be unemployed even tho i felt bad for passing all the shit to my colleague), chatted abit with some folks about tall leo guys, headed off to meet mel and ailing for lunch. it was so good meeting them! even tho a’s gonna be a mummy, its like we’ve not changed one bit and feels like just yesterday since we were in the same classroom even if we’ve not met for at leaast…erm.. 8yrs?

then headed for nite in the museum with w, agreed tt it had no plot or watsoever, discovered pedro paper bags cannot withstand a new bottle of baileys (and how much mess a broken bottle makes), had 2 bubble teas worth of bubbles, couldnt stop giggling when the masseur was doing reflex on my toes, cramped thrice, got shut out of the mrt cos i ‘obviously dont take enough mrt’ and was inspired to make hamburgers.

WHICH led to an extremely costly expedition to cold storage, and me having to be ‘assisted’ to the carpark cos the entire trolley was full, and a total of 3 trips up and down to lug everything fr the car to my hse. wah workout sia.

and so everythings almost done! ok not really. nothing’s made, and they’re all new recipes…meaning.. i’ve yet to try them out so… i cant guarantee their edible-ness (edibility???).


if all else fails, we shall haf spaghetti bolognaise with beer, moscato and hotdog buns smeared with planta and vietnamese chilli sauce! =0))


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