May 25, 2009

yep i’m hiding away here.

the other place, is getting abit too ‘famous’ for my liking.

its been a horrid wk, and an even worse weekend. and it was only whilst talking to w & c, that i realised why.

the inferiority complex. worming its way out.

perhaps its the losing of a part of my identity i’ve had. perhaps.

so after tomorrow, things are in for a change like it or not.

the future plans are no where near cast in stone. its not like i was fired, i chose to leave. but still, being unemployed sounds, well, not as credible i guess.

the bills, the days, the steps, the this, the that.

i’d get used to it for sure, i’ll find a way for certain.

its jus these starting steps that are fraught with so much uncertainty and doubt which i find scary.

at this moment, i dont know if i’m doing the right thing.  10yrs down, i know i’d say i did. but its the now, the present, the today that matters much.

even if, in the end, it doesnt even matter.

i need to get my life back on track. or enjoy the ride.

maybe, both.


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