July 16, 2018

so you surprise me, once again.

apart from acts of service (cooking me chrysanthemum), there was also touch (coming to give hugs), words of affirmation (i love yous, checking in how his awesome dear is doing), then gifts (power bank, luggage) and of course quality time.

how blessed i am to have you in my life!


July 16, 2018

i had one of those moments where i suddenly realised how much work has come to mean to me.

cos i feel now like i have to lose, not like i have, but something simple like feeling like my boss isnt too pleased with me, can leave me feeling so unsettled.


my perfect weekend

July 8, 2018

Starts right from Friday, over pasta and figuring out how not to choke on the cocoa powder on tiramisu.

then it goes into saturday where you thought you had a baby shower to attend. So you rush to collect the prettiest pink bouquet and head to the party venue, only to discover its a little too quiet. You check the invite and it says SUNDAY. fml. but it turned out for the better because you then actually had time to sit with your gf and chat, because baby showers are like weddings. you never actually get to interact to any meaningful extent with anyone else but yourself.

and of course saturday evenings are perfect when you get to huddle in a cinema and then stuff yourself with too much nasi lemak.

then sundays are perfect because they are basically cuddle snuggle feasts. and it gets more perfect because you have someone cooking green bean soup and peeling lychees for you.

blessed beyond words.

June 24, 2018

‘what other currency you need to change, you let me know’

Sitting outside coffee Bean drinking Starbucks and talking about nonsense

Syncing up our wechat and talking about our dinner table neighbor on it


June 18, 2018

It’s back.

The fear that someone I love will leave me because they decided I was too difficult to handle and to love.

What is the lesson I haven’t learnt and am I ready to learn it?

Daily >3

May 29, 2018

1) good catch up with car over too much carbs

2) forgoing Tokyo and having unexpected me time

3) clear skin

4) someone who constantly thinks about how I can be happier

My pbf

May 27, 2018

For the home cooked pasta and double booked chrysanthemum cos my throat hurt

For the kisses and counselling sessions in between cooking time

For taking things on when I have no capacity to

For wanting to see how my life can be happier

For loving me the way you do


Daily >3

May 22, 2018

1) wonderful time with sascha and Katja who always allow me to bring my most natural, unselfconscious self

2) seeing that face I’ve missed

3) showering at the lounge before the flight cos I’m finally gold elite

4) looking at le cruset and he said, can get when you have your own place. Or when we get one


May 13, 2018

”is this a good time now to tell you I love you?”


May 12, 2018

”i have something to tell you”

”huh what?”

“I love you”